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We have entered our fifth year of the ongoing crisis and civil war in Syria – and there is no end in sight. More than 450,000 people have been killed, 7 million Syrians are now refugees, and 6.6 million are displaced within Syria, driven out of their homes by violence and war. Half of these refugees are younger than 18 years old. They are not thinking about where they will go to college next year, but about how they can escape violence and bloodshed in their own country – where to go, where to sleep, how to cope with the violent death of a family member and the loss of their home. To many Americans, their plight is unimaginable, difficult to comprehend.

Something must be done. The plight of 13.5 million Syrians should not fade from headlines as we go about our lives. The crisis in Syria involves the highest number of displaced people since the end of World War II. We must not be bystanders to history and suffering.

We join our voices in calling attention to the needless bloodshed and violence in Syria. As students concerned with the rights and dignity of all human beings, we pledge to raise awareness of this crisis across campuses and classrooms. We will engage students and faculty of all faiths and backgrounds – from Muslims to Christians to Jews– in demanding a dialogue about Syria and a more humanitarian response by our communities and leaders.

Latest Updates

For some Americans, domestic and overseas terror attacks, plus a good dose of anti-Syrian political rhetoric, have made refugee resettlement something to be feared. And a lot of the Americans who hold that view are churchgoers – including a lot of Baptists – LifeWay Research found in a new study. The Nashville, Tenn.-based organization surveyed… read more

There are a number of countries and organizations that have held out a helping hand to Syrian refugees- Canada, Germany, The US-based Karam Foundation, Islamic Relief USA and The Syrian American Medical Society. In the face of this help coming from these non-Arab companies and countries, many claim to be “astounded” by what they say… read more

Humanitarian aid has started reaching besieged areas of Syria after trucks filled with supplies left Damascus, as the United Nations has urged warring parties to use aid delivery as a “first step” to a ceasefire. The UN spokesman says Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon wants a cessation of hostilities in Syria as soon as possible, and the… read more