Elan: Syrian Refugee Crisis: 10 Arab Organizations Helping Refugees

February 29, 2016

There are a number of countries and organizations that have held out a helping hand to Syrian refugees- Canada, Germany, The US-based Karam Foundation, Islamic Relief USA and The Syrian American Medical Society.

In the face of this help coming from these non-Arab companies and countries, many claim to be “astounded” by what they say is a lack of support from the Arab world.

While it may be true that some countries could and should do more to help, Elan wants to focus on Gulf based organizations that are doing remarkable things to help the Syrian Refugees. Here is a list of the top ten:

1) Eid Charity

In October 2015, the group spent over QR220m to support Syrian refugees in Turkey, Iraq, Jordan and Lebanon along with citizens remaining in Syria.

According to the Director General of the Eid Charity, Ali bin Abdullah Al Suwaidi, the organization attaches great importance to its projects in an effort to ease conflict and disasters in the world. Currently, the charity is raising funds to build caravans for refugees.

2) SmallWorld UAE

Committed to lending a helping hand to the less unfortunate – and more specifically, to children – SmallWorld UAE is currently involved in helping Syrian children transition into a more stable environment through liberation and education. So far, the group has helped over 5,000 Syrian children, and is also active in 59 countries assisting local NGOs.

“We believe the biggest asset for humanity is the human being, and the only way to create a stable and peaceful world is through educated young minds,” said Salam Hamzeh Gaith, President of the five-year-old organization.

3) Qatar Red Crescent

Dubbing the crisis and humanitarian situation as “one of the most complicated it has ever seen”, the Qatar Red Crescent has offices scattered all across Syria, working with local organizations in order to provide the optimum amount of aid. Along with building clay houses that are designed to survive harsh weather conditions, the foundation is also involved in supporting domestic farming in order to regularly provide food and income for refugees and is also working with local clothing factories to open up an employment platform for women.

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